“Machine to Machine Is Becoming A Way of Life. Telemetry is its Life Blood.”

Powelectrics is an award winning telemetry business with thousands of installations across the world, in businesses as diverse as Royal Mail, Air Products, Yorkshire Water and Avanti Gas. Dave Oakes, Sales Director explains ”The twentieth century was a time of unprecedented change. The computer went from a business machine that filled a room to a personal aide that filled every home and office!The line between workplace and home has blurred and now people want the convenience of everything, available all the time, wherever they are. 

Businesses need to help their customers’ save time and effort, cut their costs and add value to existing services.  Powelectrics use machine to machine (M2M) technology to help them achieve exactly that.”



Our solutions support analogue, digital and pulse inputs. They are remotely programmable and used globally. They measure virtually anything that can be measured with an electronic sensor for anyone who needs that information available at another location. Our solutions help count how many people enter a showroom after an ad campaign and know that maintenance is needed in a mobile phone tower or that a pump has stopped working in a sewer. They record what you need to know, when you can’t be there to see it for yourself.” iPhone_perspective

Affordable, Reliable and Flexible Telemetry

One of the biggest advantages of Powelectrics ‘Metron’ telemetry devices is that they have multiple inputs. You can use a single device and SIM card to monitor up four sensors, or six with our ATEX version, offering great economy.

Powelectrics Metron can use external power, internal battery or solar cell. They will send readings at user-defined intervals, as well as on alarm to a computer or mobile phone and they have an integral display, which helps with setup and test, as well as replacing costly local gauges.

Powelectrics user-friendly data collection and viewing platform, ‘MetronView’ is easily ‘badged’ with corporate colours and logos, so it appears as your own and offers bespoke reports and data exports to suit the way you work. Unusually, Powelectrics offer an open protocol, so MetronView can be integrated to existing systems or even hosted on your own server.

For further information please call 01827 310666 or log onto http://www.powelectrics.co.uk/

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