Prelubing Industrial Equipment

The rigorous demands on industrial equipment are even more so in cold-weather climates and studies have proven, the majority of engine mechanical wear, almost 90%, occurs at startup. At first crank of the engine, all the oil is in the sump and at the first rotation of the crankshaft the bearings and all galleys are dry causing metal-to-metal contact to occur damaging the engine over its lifetime.

In cold weather  prelube helps to circulate the thick oil prior to cranking. 

Prelube is a worthwhile investment to keep equipment running at peak performance, can help lessen time between top-end and in-frame overhauls and extend equipment life.  .

4PumpGroup1-500ESE offers a line of pumps Optimized for Prelube. VARNA Products positive displacement vane pumps utilize our patented floating whisper vane technology. The pump itself does not create pressure, it produces flow. Some models have built-in check valve and/or pressure regulator and some models are built for maintenance free operation. . Available in 12/24VDC, Single & Three Phase AC, Air, motors e.  s. Flow rates to 55 l/min at pressures to 4 bars

ESE   BV  OEGSTGEEST, NETHERLANDS  tele 31 71 5173947.

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