Endgame: Is McCue’s Superhero Stopper ‘CrashCore’ the Ultimate Bollard?

In the world of Health and Safety, there is a golden rule: If something can happen, it will happen. Smart managers know that once a potential danger has been identified, they must find a solution to prevent accidents eliminate and protect people and assets.A recent spate of storefront crashes – vehicle drivers crashing through the front of retail or office space windows – led facility protection experts McCue to look into the causes and work on their own solution.

Using data from the Storefront Safety Council, McCue discovered that only 17% of storefront crashes were caused by driving under influence – and a remarkable 56% of all crashes were caused by operator or pedal error.

What this statistic reveals is good – even conscientious – drivers make errors. And in areas where a heavy volume of traffic combines with pedestrians and tight parking areas, the likelihood of driving errors increase.

McCue examined current protection in some key heavy traffic areas; storefronts, petrol stations and around outdoor dining areas in retail parks and found much of the current protection would be insufficient to stop a 5000lb vehicle moving at 20mph.

Enter McCue’s R&D team and the all-new CrashCore Bollard. Designed and tested to repel 30mph vehicles (to F3016 rating), the CrashCore might just be the most high-tech and innovative bollard the world has ever seen.

A shock-absorbing core keeps drivers safer, a solid steel core, steel shell and synthetic rubber dampers work together to absorb energy – and all in an underground footprint so small any contractor can install them.

With deep and shallow mounting options, an underground steel ‘cage’ adds innovative fortification, giving store owners the peace of mind they deserve.

Thanks to the CrashCore Bollard, no longer will managers live with the threat of vehicle or driving error causing extensive damage or injury in their working spaces.

Nilesh Mistry, Director of Sales at McCue said: “The CrashCore Bollard is a solution to a growing problem. We’re proud to be able to deliver a product that can at last protect petrol station forecourts, retail fronts, car charging areas and more from driver or mechanical failure, as well as from reckless driving. We believe it’s a must-have product – and the ease and efficiency of the installation means disruption is kept to a minimum.”

Waiting for an accident to happen is no longer an option. McCue’s CrashCore Bollard is the ultimate stopper – and the ultimate antidote to those accidents waiting to happen.

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