Fire and explosion safety

An extensive range of explosion protection equipment. From supply to full turn-key solutions

Flash 2 Explosion Suppression System
The latest version of the industry leading StuvEx Flash suppression system has many advanced features.

  • Single and multipoint injection suppressors capable of handling 4 ducts from one suppression bottle
  • New Master Control Unit can handle up to 16 Zones.
  • A range of explosion detectors for various applications.
  • New Gas Generator – no pressure vessels used.
  • Atex Certified.

Earthing Control

There are two Earthing Monitors within the StuvEx range for Gas and Dust applications.


  • Competitively priced.
  • Very easy to install.
  • Failsafe operation – visual confirmation of correct earthing through green/red lights.
  • Automatically recognises the object to be earthed.
  • Atex Certified.

Explosion Isolation
Isolating an explosion is vital. There are five different explosion isolation devices in the StuvEx range.

  • NOREX valve. Designed for filter inlet ducts, though can be used elsewhere.
  • Ventex Valve. For installation to a filter air intake.
  • Fast Shutting Gate Valve. The most efficient way to isolate an explosion.
  • Diverter Valve. Used to divert a potential ignition source to a safe area.
  • Fire Trap Valve. Protects ‘Down-Stream’ machinery in the event of a fire or vexplosion.

Explosion Venting
StuvEx supplies a range of explosion venting devices

  • StuvEx Explosion Vent. A 100% efficient vent for silos,bins, filters etc.
  • StuvEx DQS. A maintenance free, ameless vent for installation to an internally located vessel.
  • StuvEx Flameless Indoor Vent. Allows an explosion to safely occur inside a building

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