Flow-Technology Ltd boasts large stocks of Stainless Steel fittings

Flow-Technology Ltd, West Yorkshire have been manufacturing Stainless Steel components in house at its Brighouse base for over 35 years and the products are on site in various national and international markets

• Oilfield and Rig applications,
• Gas drilling and production,
• High Pressure pumps and process units,
• Nuclear new build and clean up projects,
• Chemical and Pharmaceutical sites,
• Food and Beverage plants,
• Power generators and turbines.

Flow-Technology Ltd boasts large stocks of Stainless Steel fittings with a diverse product range beginning with low pressure screwed fittings, flanges and butt weld fittings through to high pressure fittings rated at 10,000psi working pressure, 15,000psi and the recently introduced 20,000psi and 60,000psi range.

The new high pressure range has undergone thorough design and testing procedures, with a stringent system of identification to ensure full traceability, and working pressure ratings to match the exacting demands of HP applications. The product range is ever growing with the call for combination adaptors and specialist fittings to suit complex environment demands.

This range of fittings fully compliments the highly successful 10K and 15K product that Flow-Technology Ltd has produced and stocked for many years. This range already has a vast and varied product offeringconsisting of adaptors, tees, elbows and couplings with thread combinations of BSPP, JIC, NPT and Metric.

Exacting customer quality demands robust procedures in place to assure compliance with customer requirements and Flow Technology’s ISO9001:2008 approved quality management system has met this with accreditation for 20 Years.

Traceability is a major component of this system from raw material receipt though to component laser marking and despatch. Flow-Technology Ltd uses cutting edge technology and equipment to ensure product quality and customer service is at the highest level.

Parts are produced in house from European sourced raw material in a fully equipped modern production facility. Constant investment in new technology has seen the company benefit from the latest sliding head technology, CNC lathes and machining centres accompanied by semi CNC manual lathes and CAD design. This backing allows Flow-Technology Ltd to offer standard product and specialist items in quantities from one ff items to batch work of thousands.

Throughout the last few years and continuing into 2015 Flow-Technology Ltd has expanded its capabilities yet again to include project management in the oil and gas sector initially. It can now offer coded pipework welding complemented by assembly capabilities, full NDE including radiography, dye penetrant, magnetic particle and ultrasonic testing. This service was highlighted with a fabrication and assembly project for eight lube oil skids completed towards the back end of 2014 and continuing into 2015 shown below.

FlowTech1-109 FlowTech1-031 (1) FlowTech1-059 FlowTechnology-008 FlowTech1-079 FlowTech1-016

Lube Oil Skid








Our sales engineering team are always available on 01484 400880 or 710718; alternatively fax 01484 720439 or sales@flow-technology.co.uk with your requirements.

Our details and product range can be viewed at www.flow-technology.co.uk

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