FOAMplus® Bag Packer² foam pads by Storopack For complete product packaging protection

Storopack a leading global protective packaging supplier has the perfect solution for packaging valuable, delicate or
irregular shaped products and eliminating transit and handling damage.

FOAMplus® dispensing systems produce foam pads that are perfect for packaging electronics, ceramics, and glassware, aeronautical, engineering and delicate products.

FOAMplus moulds itself around any product shape

FOAMplus® delivers an expanding polyurethane foam pad that moulds itself around any product shape within seconds, and its versatility and flexibility makes packing easier. It is easy to control, and extra strength and cushioning properties deliver the highest degree of protection as the foam cushioning encapsulates
products and protects against shock, vibration and compaction.

This robust solution ensures products in transit and storage arrive in perfect condition, and the light weight foam packaging also keeps shipping costs to a minimum.

“We know that the customers buying experience and satisfaction is considerably enhanced when the products arrive well packaged and in perfect condition. If a product is not correctly packaged it can get damaged, so eliminating transport damage is critical to the profitability and reputation of any business.” explains Mike Parsons, Business Development Manager and product specialist.

The Bag Packer² Foam-in-Bag dispensing system produces up to 23 foam-filled bags per minute at the touch of a button and has an easy to navigate touch screen controller with a built-in programmable timer designed to maximize efficiency and simplify operator training.

The FOAMplus®, foam packaging is an ‘on demand’ packaging solution that mixes two components together which expand up to 200 times their liquid volume negating the necessity for large storage areas required for pre-fabricated and alternative packaging mediums.

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