Peveril Group’s “Double” Launch celebrates Batching, Mixing and Conveying Excellence.

Peveril Group has just launched SAHARA BATCH to UK manufacturers seeking end-to-end fully optimised material processing lines.

SAHARA BATCH is the all new product solution which encompasses storage, conveying, pumping, weighing and batching of solids, liquids, minerals or powders.

Peveril Group’s Director Lachlan Macdonald comments on the company saying: “Everything needed to process all types of solids, liquids or dry powders for the food, pet food, minerals, cement and contract packing industries is now available in one supplier. Accommodating emerging technologies, including multi-industry knowledge insights, is central to how we engineer our solutions. With a co-ordinated approach, production bottlenecks are eliminated and resources are not wasted. We utilise brilliant engineering and our broad experience along with clever design to ensure a resilient and cost effective solution.

Collectively “Peveril Group has materials handling in their blood” Lachlan Macdonald says, “having trained in Maintenance and Diagnostics (Mechanical Engineering) my own origins in customer solutions are long established”. Now having spent his life in Conveying, Packaging and Batching solutions he and his team can confidently bring almost any industry a cost effective solution to storage, processing, batching and bagging while keeping maintenance low and return on investments high. “At the end of the day, how much is this equipment costing or making me is key to each business owner” he comments.

More recently Peveril Group have completed SHARA BATCH Batching systems for Industry leaders Talasey “Pavetuf”(Sand and Resin), Thergis (Gel Ice Packs) and Millboard (Composite Flooring) proving their excellence across multiple horizontal industries.

If you have any storage (Silos and Tanks), Batching (Mixing or Measuring), Conveying (Screw Conveyors or Belt Conveyors) weighing or pumping requirement then reach out to Peveril Directly on 01159309068 or their current website

Furthermore Peveril Group has recently launched a change of name from Peveril Machinery to accommodate their growing investments in Material Handling and Processing of materials.

Peveril Group Ltd
65 Wellington Street
Stapleford, NG97BE
United Kingdom


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