Free webinars in March cover variety of topics to enhance engineering knowledge

HBM is offering four free on-line webinars during March that examine a variety of different topics for engineers needing to be at the forefront of the latest developments in data acquisition.

The first webinar is on 11th March and takes an in-depth look at the rapidly increasing demands of vehicle testing in both mobile and bench testing applications. The aim of the webinar is to help engineers gain an insight into taking measurements and getting the results reliably and quickly to improve the effectiveness of vehicle testing. The webinar is suitable for engineers concerned with testing system components and those looking at gathering data from the complete vehicle during testing.

Vehicle tests often require measurements from a wide variety of sensors including mechanical, electrical and thermal devices and this webinar focuses on HBM’s QuantumX as a modern distributable data acquisition system capable of acquiring data from all the different sensor inputs as well as utilising data from CANbus, GPS or cameras.

A webinar on 18th March looks at how engineers can efficiently measure torque in marine propulsion systems and discusses how the integration of modern torque measurement technology into a ship’s drive train can improve the efficiency of the engines.

Klaus Weissbrodt, who is developing high-capacity HBM torque measurement solutions for the marine industry, will host the webinar. He will explain how using torque transducers can help optimize the economic operation of the ship’s propulsion systems while providing added protection for the environment. Other topics that will be covered include the need to gather exact measured values for optimum load distribution and how using torque flange technology can assist in monitoring the load distribution of a ship’s drive train.

Engineers will learn what key steps are needed to ensure the successful integration of torque flanges with a ship’s drive train and a number of examples where the technology has been successfully deployed will be revealed.

The webinar on 19th March highlights ten ways in which engineers can avoid wasting time on durability testing. This looks at how engineers can ensure they improve any validation tests to avoid them becoming expensive, slow, or possibly useless.

Finally a webinar on 25th March will look at load monitoring systems in press applications. Presented by Thomas Kleckers and Michael Guckes, Product and Application Managers for Force Measurement and Industrial Process Control Electronics at HBM, the webinar will demonstrate how modern sensors and electronics can help engineers optimize measurement acquisition in press or similar applications.

Force measurement in these applications is typically done with sensors working in a force shunt. Strain gauges can be used as sensors but applying and wiring them is often difficult and time consuming and strain links are often used to control the press process. This webinar will cover how to use strain links for optimizing load monitoring systems.

Webinars are accessible worldwide from any computer with an internet connection. Prior registration is required although participation is free. All webinars comprise an initial presentation followed by a question and answer session. Unless otherwise stated the webinars last for an hour.

HBM also provides a large number of pre-recorded, on-demand webinars to complement the standard webinars where delegates can proactively participate. These on-demand webinars cover various topics including the best practices to adopt for data acquisition, various types of demanding applications, uses of strain gauges, developments in torques measurement as well as in-depth information on HBM’s extensive range of data acquisition technology including QuantumX, catman, PMX, the Somat eDAQ, eDAQ Lite and SomatCR as well as the Genesis HighSpeed range of hardware and software products.

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Individuals wishing to register for these informative webinars can click here for details.



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