GEMÜ Lined Diaphragm Valves – Versatile Process Valves for Industrial Applications

GEMÜ lined diaphragm valves are the ideal process valves for industrial applications. The combination of robust body housing and durable plastics is preferable for corrosive, high temperature media and safety-relevant systems. At GEMÜ the high-quality and robust lined diaphragm valves are developed using injection moulding via a central sprue from below the valve weir, preventing the plastic layer from detaching from the metal body under vacuum operating conditions.

The metal/plastic material transition is designed at the pipe connections so that the plastic lining is fixed axially inside the pipe and no stress damage can occur as a result of thermal expansion. A temperature-resistant coating on the metal bodies prepared for injection provides a high level of corrosion protection for the metal surface even underneath the plastic layer. All of this goes hand in hand with offering the customer a superior product with peace of mind that the product is more than adequate for their application.

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Video: How to replace worn out parts on the GEMU 655 full bore diaphragm valve:-

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