New Sharklet Germ Control film

Sharklet’s micropattern is the world’s first technology to control microbes through surface texture alone.  Sharklet departs from traditional antimicrobial technologies by not using any additives to kill microorganisms, but instead creates a non-toxic topography that decreases surface energy. Chemical additions can contribute to resistant strains of germs and may be hazardous in applications such as hospitals, children, and the elderly.

The new Sharklet Germ Control Film includes Sharklet micropattern that is comprised of millions of microscopic features arranged in a repeating diamond pattern. Sharklet is engineered to produce an anti-fouling effect through enhancing the surface energy of common materials, similar to how it works on actual sharks. A green solution that is effective against many viruses and bacteria.

Film is available at

Sharklet also offers licensing opportunities for embossed, injection molded, and cast products. Inquiries can be directed to


Sharklet Technologies, Inc.
12635 E Montview Blvd, Ste 155
Aurora, CO, USA 80045

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