Green solution by gasification

  • Chanderpur group with its 50+ years of manufacturing experience has developed new modular line of gasifiers suitable for European market.

  • Our gasifier, present an economical and eco- friendly solution to convert woody biomass /agricultural wastes like coconut waste, rice-husk etc. into a combustible gas that can befurther used in a number of applications to replace tradiotional LPG, Diesel or any other petro-fuel usage.


  • Producer gas is free of Sulfur, has no emmission except gas generator that is equivalent to natural gas, generates Zero effluent and generates no solidwaste (all by products are sellable)


  • Modular design in combination with 250 kW ecogeneration units
  • 100+ CPG Gasifier running successfully
  • CE marked Gasifiers in cooperating of all safety requirement
  • Variable biomass feed
  • Fully automated
  • Robust design
  • High reliability
  • Designed for easy maintenance

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