Helapet offer high performance filtration and protection for the process industry

Gas filtration is an important part of the process industry for both the protection of equipment, and the filtration of samples for environmental monitoring.

Helapet 0.2 micron hydrophobic filter devices provide these capabilities using a range of media and connectors that allows a universal range of applications. Our disc technology provides an effective filtration area of 17.35 cm2 while maintaining optimum flow rates. 

One of the most common applications is the prevention of water and vapour from penetrating through to the downstream side of the filter thus protecting instruments and equipment from the intrusion of moisture.

The filters can also be used for the venting of vessels and containers, allowing pressure to be released whilst preventing the ingress of contaminated air. Using 0.2 um PTFE hydrophobic filter membrane within our integrity tested polypropylene filter housing, ensures that vessels can be aseptically vented.

For more specific applications we can provide bespoke design solutions, including the printing of your own logo onto the device creating brand recognition and encouraging customer loyalty.

For more information, free samples, and to contact our sales team please visit our website www.filterdevices.co.uk or call 0800 0328 428.

“Working with you to find the perfect filtration solutions for your product”

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