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Helapet Ltd

For over 30 years we have been a reputable manufacturer and distributor of high quality medical and cleanroom consumables, serving several core markets including hospital pharmacy, pharmaceutical manufacturing, laboratory and veterinary environments.

Established in 1984, Helapet delivers a diverse and innovative range of sterile and non-sterile products, supporting critical environment activities across all areas of aseptic manufacturing and healthcare provision.


Cleansing Service Group, one of the largest privately owned waste management companies in the UK, has strengthened its green credentials by investing in the renewable energy technology sector.

BVAA – World Class Independent Valve & Actuator Training


One-day training courses from leading industry professionals. Independent courses. No sales pitch,  just quality, technical training.

Helapet offer high performance filtration and protection for the process industry

Gas filtration is an important part of the process industry for both the protection of equipment, and the filtration of samples for environmental monitoring.

Helapet 0.2 micron hydrophobic filter devices provide these capabilities using a range of media and connectors that allows a universal range of applications. Our disc technology provides an effective filtration area of 17.35 cm2 while maintaining optimum flow rates. 

Recycling of the BEKOMAT 31U / 32U / 33U service-unit

An important contribution to the environment – recycling service-units of BM31U / BM32U / BM33U 

BEKOMAT is by far the most successful electronic level controlled condensate series – and that for a good reason. It represents the benchmark for all global competitors. This does not only apply to the reliability. In particular, the sustainability aspects throughout the entire life cycle are world leading:

Atlas Copco GA 250 250kW Screw Air Compressor (x4)

BRAND NEW – NEVER UNPACKED £50,000 in the region (EX VAT)

Due to contract reconfiguration Atlas GA 250 compressors for sale. Quality compressors held in storage – viewing most welcome – Full Technical Specification available. Each with 14 months manufactures warranty (valid until March 2016).

Tough Fans from VAF Air controlling odours and dust in confined work spaces

When working in confined space it is imperative that the air is changed to provide a safe working environment. Miniveyor Air VAF series portable fans can move contaminated air out of a building or work area. They effectively exhaust fumes, dust and smells, ventilate confined spaces, and increase the flow of fresh air.

LOTO feature for Process Heating

Injury countermeasure awareness needs to be raised

There is really no excuse for exposure to unguarded heating process equipment which endangers factory and plant workers. Barry Atkins, managing director of test and inspection experts PASS argues that not enough is being done to raise awareness about injuries and how they come about.