Recycling of the BEKOMAT 31U / 32U / 33U service-unit

An important contribution to the environment – recycling service-units of BM31U / BM32U / BM33U 

BEKOMAT is by far the most successful electronic level controlled condensate series – and that for a good reason. It represents the benchmark for all global competitors. This does not only apply to the reliability. In particular, the sustainability aspects throughout the entire life cycle are world leading:

Design: All wearing parts are housed in a service-unit. The replacement requires only 10% of the time that would be required for a device in which the items would have to be replaced individually. The service-unit is 100% pressure and functionally tested. Effectively, after each service-unit change you have a new unit! This saves personnel resources, reduces downtimes to a minimum and increases reliability.

Operation: The BEKOMAT is a “zero-loss” drain, a device that prevents any loss of valuable compressed air. The payback period compared to drains losing compressed air such as with time-controlled solenoid valves or leaking float drains is often only 1 to 2 months. There are more than 2 million already installed and operating BEKOMAT is an important contribution to environmental protection and in particular to global warming.

Recycling: Of course, each service-unit contains valuable materials that should not simply be disposed of. The main component is the strand casted aluminum housing, which is not only used due to its particularly robust material properties. It is particularly environmentally friendly, because 75% of the aluminium ever produced worldwide has already undergone multiple recycling processes without sacrificing quality. Recycling is highly resource-efficient because, in the alternative production method of primary aluminium 20 times more energy is required – which of course generates 20 times more greenhouse gas emissions.

Transport: Any kind of transport consumes energy. To achieve the highest possible energy efficiency it of course helps to collect the same type of scrap or as many similar service-units per shipment as possible.

BEKOMAT 31_32_33_Upgrade

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