HP-25 PROFIBUS DP Cable Tester

This small device checks for the most frequently found cable connection faults seen with PROFIBUS DP wiring between 9-pin D-sub PROFIBUS plugs.
The software checks for open lines, short circuits and crossed connections, reporting any such failures on a red background, with sound signal and text details shown on the display. Correct connection test results are reported on a green background, with different sound signal and show the number of activated terminator switches detected. If 3 or more terminators are found this is reported as a fault. Fault details are emphasized by display of associated conductor colour information, using green, red and black to help interpretation.

In addition to connection testing, the unit also allows test tone output onto the PROFIBUS A line, to enable clear separation of IN and OUT cables at a remote location before connection to plug or other unit. An optional tone detector, with optional case, is offered for identification of these signals.

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