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The Vertex VMS

This is the next generation of height gauge development, offering many unique features combined with the latest onboard software. The Vertex is verified to ISO 10360. Gauge sizes range from the A3 model (300mm/600mm) to the A10 model (1000mm/1350mm).

Vertex Demonstrations

We are happy to demonstrate the use of our digital height gauge at our site based in Derby, or you can view the video demonstration here

Vertex Retrofits

If you already own one of our old model height gauges we are happy to offer a retrofit service to bring you up to date with the technology. We can provide a quote for retrofit if you contact us here

Gauge Features:

  • 1d and 2d measurement
  • Air bearings to the base and carriage
  • Air bearings to the counter balance
  • Probe contact pressure 40g
  • Pneumatic locks to the base and carriage
  • Squareness of front and side plates within 5 microns
  • Non error mapped with max error over a range 3.5 microns
  • Integrated printer option
  • Orbital ‘hole in the wall’ display
  • Dual probe facility
  • Unique probe location and securing system
  • Motorised probing operation via a contactless clutch
  • Rechargeable battery technology
  • Performance supported by UKAS certification
  • Patented system

Vertex Probes and Accessories
There is a wide range of accessories and probe types available for the micro-Vertex:

  • Sphere, taper, disc, pin, parallel and carbon fibre extension probes with a carousel to store these when not in use.
  • Depth gauge and a LVDT transducer probe
  • Swivel probe holder, offset probe holder and a dual indicator holder
  • A master granite block and training piece

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If you would like more information on our Vertex VMS, our sales team are happy to assist you, click here to contact us

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