Hydra-Cell Excels in Filter Pressing

Hydra-Cell pumps are finding favour in filter press applications for both chamber feeding at high pressure and for fuelling the cloth washing operation.

Acid washing of filter cloths is used extensively in metal finishing. A low pressure acid solution is recirculated through the filter press to partially dissolve and dislodge the solid particles that ‘blind’ the cloths. Particles in this aggressive recirculating solution can cause catastrophic damage to pumps with dynamic seals but being seal-less by design, Hydra-Cell pumps are reported to be unaffected and give many years of trouble-free service.

Now, with the addition of the Q Series high horsepower quintuplex pumps, the Hydra-Cell range covers virtually all flow requirements for this application.

In the cold pressing of oils for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics manufacture, the filtered oil must be clear and polished with no air entrainment. Hydra-Cell pumps meet the pressure and flow requirements and exhibit their ‘gentle’ nature by not heating, damaging or clouding the oil. Again, the solids being removed from the oils that can cause wear and leaks in pumps with dynamic seals have no detrimental effect on seal-less hydra-Cell pumps.

Hydra-Cell’s multiple diaphragms within a single pump head guarantee the virtually pulse free oil delivery required by the filter press application.

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