iLockerz Ltd – Intelligent Electronic Lockers & RFiD Equipment Tracking Systems

iLockerz intelligent keyless locker systems and RFiD equipment tracking systems allow your organisation to secure, control, track, re-charge and maximize the use of important equipment – no matter what that equipment may be.

The innovative iLockerz systems are available in 3 configurations;

Intelligent electronic lockers that use RFiD to track and manage the use of shared portable equipment. Used to implement laptop loans, radio handset management, drug pack issue and returns, tool and harness tracking and much more.

Secure storage lockers and phone charging stations with electronically operated locker compartments that allow users to secure and charge personal devices suchas mobile phones or laptops within. Often used in conjunction with Bring Your Own Device policies or in communal spaces to increase visitor experience and safety.

Large storage areas such as workshops, stores, armouries or containers that incorporate RFiD technology to track the movement of users and equipment in and out. Used on building sites, within manufacturing facilities, at temporary locations, in hospitals, on military bases and other similar large scale operations to increase security and save time.

To find out how the iLockerz systems work and to see how they can serve your business please visit the iLockerz website (, or call the team on 0121 270 6153.

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