Introducing Airmatic- Experts in Dust & Fume Extraction, Odour Extraction and Heat Removal

Based in North Manchester and covering the whole of the UK, Airmatic specialise in the removal of dust and fumes, odour and excess heat produced by chemical & industrial process.

Our range of innovative air movement solutions enable our customers to;

  • Improve air quality
  • Streamline on site process
  • Eliminate hazardous situations
  • Lower operating costs
  • Improve system efficiency

Our unique approach of working with end users puts us at the heart of the production process and has seen our team develop as ‘on call’ expertise for a range of issues .

Some of our recent projects include;

  • Extending and diverting a stainless steel ducting system to connect to a Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser (RTO)
  • Large counterblow hammer flame abatement and oil extraction system to prevent ducting catching fire during the manufacturing of large forgings.
  • Dust collector and connecting clip ducting to filter and clean the air in shot blast machine area of a large coach building company

The organisations we work with range from SME’S to FTSE 100 companies with particular expertise held in the following Industries and sectors;

  • Petrochemical/chemical/polymer process
  • Aerospace component manufacture
  • Waste and recycling

For further information about Airmatic and our products and services contact us today

Airmatic Ltd

Wellington Street, Bury, Lancashire. BL8 2BD

Tel: +44(0)161 764 4004




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