IT should be like water

IT should be like water, filling the space allocated to it.  HebeData has been designed with simplicity and efficacy at its core.  Management, enforcement and administrating/auditing staff understanding are its USPs.

HebeData is a training delivery, control and management system, owned and managed by your company, to upload and deliver internal training and any required third party modules.  Transparent management of information targets specific training groups, and training across your company remains consistent, relevant and individualised.

A well-trained staff is crucial to the success of a business.  Every business is different, and part of ‘training’ is working with employees to create a positive company environment and ethos, which cuts down on staff churn, reduces absences and makes worktime more productive.  Staff engagement impacts on mental health and overall well-being.

HebeData is a ‘white label’ training delivery and (primarily) management system, developed from a system to train staff in continuous manufacture in the pharmaceutical industry in emerging markets.

From its origins, the system has been adapted to fit the needs of all types of business, offering internally developed online training, managed external training, delivering training from third parties, cascading through a business.

All company related information, from your Company Handbook to safe systems of work, from customer relations to QbD methodology, from risk assessment to whistle-blowing can be delivered to individual accounts through HebeData.

Every piece of training passed is certificated, and scheduled for periodic refreshment.  Every member of staff has their own dashboard, and access to short form training associated with each module – a checklist of key points, a procedure, a full document or short reminder video – available 24/7 to support the completed modules.

Training and information is all checked and audited through competency testing, and delivered on any device – phone/tablet/laptop/PC – and on all major platforms – Android, IoS and Windows.

Edatachase Ltd. has developed the system and piloted it through the logistics industry: high staff churn, low skilled, low commitment of staff.  We believed that if the system worked with HGV drivers, it would work anywhere.

Case Study:

Mitchells of Mansfield launched the system with internally created training just before Christmas 2017.  Over the Christmas holiday, 65% of their 80 drivers had completed all training assigned to them, with no guidance in how to use the system.

For Mitchells, absenteeism has been reduced to almost zero in the 9 months that HebeData has been running.  During the hazardous road conditions conjured by The Beast from the East, all drivers came into work and the company had no accidents or incidents: on hearing the weather forecast, Mitchells Operations Manager assigned Bad Weather Driving training to all drivers, and all drivers had completed the training and the competency test before arriving to work in the snow.

Accident rates, which historically had run at around 4 insurance reportable incidents per month, have dropped by an amazing 90%.

And staff churn, in an industry notorious for high turnover, has dropped dramatically too.

The only change to their working practices has been HebeData.

The system reports directly to the System Administrator in the owning company, and can stream reports as required to controlling bodies, cleaned of personal data.  Reports range from a full training matrix, showing training assigned, completed, failed; through to reports on individual training failed by an individual employee:

The internal management Inmail can be linked to the Administrator’s company Inbox, giving immediate feedback on the system’s use.


Training records can be archived in the system when an employee leaves, or may be shared with a new employer (certification only).

The system has a comprehensive Audit Tool, to follow up on information, assign regular procedures and monitor work patterns.

The industry wide application:

Best practice may be shared across each industry. The HebeShop is open to all users to upload their training created into a shared ‘library’, where modules can be sold to other Hebe systems (or given away to promote industry-wide improvement).  Modules remain the property of the uploading company and although they can be assigned to employees of any other company purchasing (or accepting) the training, the modules cannot be edited or altered.  Uploading your modules, you may target, directly, companies in your own specialism, or a specific company, through a series of drop down options – and no other industries have access to your work.

The system is plug and play.  Set up should take less than an hour.  There is a bulk upload option for companies with large numbers of employees.  Creating a training module, with pre-prepared material, including competency questionnaires should take minutes.  You do have to have a robust management system in place: HebeData will support good management.

Help and support is available in working hours online, by phone, by email.

HebeData is GDPR compliant; Edatachase Ltd. (who have developed and own HebeData) has been developing software, using fully employed staff, since 2005 and is both ISO 9001 and 27001 accredited.

Administration and management, hosting and maintenance are all included in the per user license of £1 a week, or £50 per user per year.

More information is available on or contact Philippa Stratford (

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