iwis Drive Systems Ltd “Raises The Standard” in Britain’s Capital

The River Thames, which passes through Britains capital has seen a free ferry service based at it’s Woolwich Crossing near Greenwich since the mid 18th Century by act of Parliament. There are ferry terminals based on the north and south banks which allow passengers travelling by foot or by vehicle to cross the river.

Each year the ferries carry over 1M vehicles and 2.5M foot passengers with a service operating every 10 minutes, running 12 hours per day, 363 days every year. The passengers embark at each side on one of 2 bridges or “Link Spans” which raise and lower according to tide and time, allowing a safe passage onto and off the ferry.

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The current operator Briggs Marine who are contracted by Transport For London (TFL) have been tasked with managing a complete overhaul of the system in conjunction with its civil engineering partner Amco, having decided that existing equipment was not suitable for the weight and volume of traffic passing through the terminals.

There are 4 x 40 ton bridges or “link spans” lifted by roller chains attached to a wire rope & roller arrangement which were deemed inadequate for the application and have been subsequently replaced by a roller chain and direct drive sprocket arrangement supplied by iwis Drive Systems Ltd .

In January 2014 Amco awarded the order to iwis Drive Systems Ltd, to produce and supply 500M of it’s 56B-2 (3 ½” Pitch Duplex) Elite Precision Roller Chain, and 32pcs of duplex drive sprockets. which are almost 1M in diameter. Managing Director Andrew Fletcher commented “The ferry operates by Royal Appointment and  is a very prestigious application of which we are all very proud. We hope the application proves that iwis Drive Systems Ltd are a serious supply  partner to the world of power transmission with it´s Jwis and Elite roller and conveyor chain products”


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iwis Antriebssysteme Gmbh, headquarters of the iwis group based in Munich are a global supply partner to agricultural, automotive and industrial transmission and conveying sectors, supplying product through it’s global network of 9 production sites and 15 subsidiaries.

“The brands remain synonymous with quality, performance, value for money and innovation and our continued growth highlights our excellence in all areas.”

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