Jacopa Strengthens Stormwater Solutions

Wastewater solutions specialist Jacopa has reached a landmark agreement with German water technology systems expert Steinhardt GmbH as the sole agent for its wide range of flood and process protection products in the UK and Ireland.

The move will enhance and consolidate Jacopa’s reputation as a one-stop shop for customers in the stormwater management market, teaming the Company’s existing extensive portfolio of screens and flushing systems with Steinhardt’s advanced stainless steel stormwater solutions which are fabricated using the latest laser technology and advanced stress modelling.

Steinhardt’s iconic ‘HydroSlide’, which was awarded best regulator in IKT testing in 2018, is among many products to be offered through Jacopa. The highly accurate flow regulators accurately regulate flows within foul and surface water sewers, rivers and other watercourses, providing a constant discharge through the required head range, which utilises the permitted downstream flow rate.

The robust HydroSlide is manufactured from stainless steel with brass bearings for long life. The units feature variable orifice control and several models are adjustable to ± 30% from the set point. Some models also have an automatic blockage release function and larger units are available for river control.

The solution delivers certified performance with a flow accuracy of ± 5% and by maximising the downstream discharge rate upstream storage requirements are minimised. This decreases the cost of the overall scheme and reduces the drain down time of attenuation structures compared to other types of control enabling the system to be ready for the next storm more quickly, reducing flood risk. Stepped control is also possible, and the systems are renowned for being low maintenance.

There are five main types of HydroSlide available: mini, the most basic type, used for low head applications; VN, for intermediate heads; VS, for high head applications; GM, which is for downstream configurations in foul sewer applications; and Combi, which can be installed in upstream (inlet) or downstream (outlet) configurations, and is also for foul sewer applications.

Steinhardt has an outstanding reputation for creative and cost saving technologies that work without use of electricity to ensure significant gains for the end user. The company’s solutions are in use in over 70 countries worldwide.

Jacopa’s Managing Director Alex Lloyd said: “We are excited to announce this new agreement, which enables us to partner with a company whose products have an outstanding reputation in the stormwater management field. We believe the Steinhardt solutions will help to fulfil our aim of providing great value across a comprehensive range of products that deliver low or no-maintenance control and screening for stormwater projects.”

The need for a more comprehensive and sophisticated flood management infrastructure has been underlined by the UK Committee on Climate Change who have identified one of the UK’s biggest economic and environmental challenges as the threat posed by global warming. In particular, the imperative to respond to a warmer atmosphere that often holds more moisture resulting in increased rainfall and more frequent flooding.

With resilience now firmly and officially on the UK water and wastewater industry agenda the ability to plan for and cope with extreme climate events in order to maintain services and avoid potential disruption is vital for water utilities. Jacopa are confident that Steinhardt’s creative and cost saving stormwater management technologies and solutions for both the sewerage network and treatment processes will play a leading role in helping water companies address the challenge.

‘Joerg Steinhardt CEO of Steinhart GmbH (left) with Alex Lloyd MD of Jacopa Ltd’



Jacopa will be offering more than 16 Steinhardt products to UK and Ireland markets. Here’s a summary of the key technologies: 

HydroSlide Flow Regulator

What it does: HydroSlide is the generic name for a range of mechanical flow regulators that control the flow rate within foul and surface water sewers together with rivers and watercourses.

How it does it: HydroSlide is a variable orifice control, which is to say that as the height of water increases, the orifice becomes smaller. This action allows a constant flow rate to be maintained minimising upstream retention volumes and ‘drain down’ times.

ElectroSlide Flow Regulator

What it does: This is a flow regulator that is electrically powered and is controlled via a control panel. The specially shaped penstock module provides accurate control.

How it does it: There are a number of control methods, but essentially the aperture is varied dependant upon the height of impounded water. The advantage with powered control is that a number of flow bands can be input relative to either upstream or downstream levels Providing active (real time) control.

HydroSelf – Tank / Sewer Flushing

What it does: Products are available to clean by flush water rectangular or circular storm attenuation tanks and large diameter trunk sewers.

How it does it: Stormwater is captured within a storage area and released to clean the floor of the tank when empty. The use of storm water negates the need to used potable water of final effluent. Due to large water volumes being able to be stored, very large tanks can be cleaned in a single simple flush action.

HydroBend – Variable Weir

What it does: The HydroBend is a weir that collapses as excess flow overflows. This action maintains a constant top water level within the sewer / tank / River / Canals etc.

How it does it: There are two versions of the HydroBend: The mechanical version is balanced so that as the water level rises and overflows, the weir collapses to maintain a constant top water level. A powered version is available if a more complex level control is required. This device can be used to prevent flooding.

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