Knight Optical’s Premium-Quality UV-Transmitting Optics for Industry

Ultraviolet (UV) light – and more specifically UVC light between 200 and 280nm – has been used for germicidal irradiation for decades, primarily in laboratories and medical facilities. Since COVID-19 became a worldwide pandemic, other sectors have been looking to utilise UV light to sterilise public areas and workplaces, such as inside trains and elevators, for example.

Knight Optical, an established, industry-leading supplier of optical components, has an extensive portfolio of optics that work within the UVC waveband, from Windows and Domes that are manufactured in UV Fused Silica (UVFS) to Bandpass Filters with centre wavelengths matching those of commonly used UV LEDs.

One of the predominant materials used for UV sterilisation systems is UV Fused Silica (UVFS), which transmits down to 175nm, covering the entire UVC waveband. We stock UVFS Windows from 10mm to 75mm diameters, including components with an Antireflective (AR) coating. What’s more, we also stock UVFS Optical Domes in 50mm and 100mm diameters; which provide a much wider field of view than a conventional window without affecting the light path.

There has been an upsurge in the quantity of UV-transmitting Optical Domes being ordered, often with more complex designs to fit seamlessly within a system. Moulded Domes made from UV-/visible-transmitting glass or UV Filter Glass, which blocks visible light, are a perfect solution as they can be manufactured to custom specifications, such as a flange for easier mounting.

It is a priority for us to provide, stock Interference Bandpass Filters that cover the wavelengths used by UV light sources, such as LEDs, mercury lamps and excimer lamps. Our catalogue now includes mounted Interference Bandpass Filters in 25mm and 35mm diameters. However, we also provide custom-made Filters with dimensions and centre wavelengths to meet your specifications.

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