Koyo invests in Magnetic Bearings

Magnetic bearings offer some significant advantages over traditional bearings such as very low friction, no mechanical wear, very high-speed rotation and no maximum relative speed so it’s easy to see how they could impact almost every area of the manufacturing process.  There is a trade-off however as magnetic bearings come with increased weight, volume, electric power consumption and system complexity when compared to traditional bearing solutions.  This makes it particularly hard to see a future where they are used in aircraft given that weight and space are at such a premium but, Koyo is on a journey to ensure magnetic bearings become an industry standard.

In fact, as a sign of their confidence Koyo have invested in a new manufacturing facility dedicated to the design, development and production of magnetic bearings for high speed rotation in both medium and large equipment.  The aim is to develop new products which can be truly useful, reliable and well tested components for every sector.

The product range will focus on the development of Active Magnetic Bearings with digital control technology for high-speed rotation machines with contactless and lubrication free bearings.  By adding active magnetic bearings to their product range, Koyo will continue to maintain its position at the forefront of the industry, increasing capacity and meeting new demands for magnetic products.

2nd Generation Power Assisted Suit Scheduled for 2019

Since their appearance in the 1986 film ‘Aliens’ Power Assisted Suits have been the stuff of science fiction but in recent years significant developments in both materials, manufacturing and technology have allowed Koyo’s parent company, JTEKT, to develop power assisted suits that support the natural movement of the body during times of high stress.

It’s a huge task that has the power to dramatically affect the manufacturing industry as part of the 4th Industrial Revolution (or the Internet of Things).  Koyo are proud to be part of a group that’s researching and developing this type of solution JTEKT announcing the launch of the 2nd generation Power Assisted Suit: the ‘J-PAS – Lumbus’.

The suit is primarily designed for applications in the manufacturing and logistics industries including aerospace, aviation, automotive and many more. The second generation improves on the original design by offering a lighter, more user-friendly design that supports the user whilst performing physically demanding activities.

The new suits are due for initial release in Spring 2019 and from what we’ve seen, demand is likely to be high.

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