Saving with more performance.

Richard Chambers is internationally recognised for his products, which are either unique or the best in the world, covering most areas in industry and transport, and also private areas..

For friction reduction, SX-6000 is the only product in the world with high density PTFE, which, added to any oil system, produces a coating on the friction surfaces with 0.02 coefficient of friction. (Next best 0.04). Cost reduction comes from the reduced friction, and wear reduction is certified to be up to 88%, on the road and in the works. In vehicle engines an oil-saving of 50% is also normal.

Fault finding, from just starting, allows quick correction rather than waiting until a break-down, also saves loss in production time.  Leaks of compressed air or explosive gases can be found at 3 times the distance of the next-best fault finder, or with an accessory up to nearly 100 metres. The Ultrasonic SPY is the standard in many big plants in all industries.

Optimising electricity consumption in electric motors with the Powerboss is unique in the world, with several other programmable features, such as soft start and stop, which remove shock-loading, and overload and underload sensing. By air compressors at least 16% is always saved, and with SX-6000 added to their oil it goes up to over 20%. In some other applications even over 50% has been achieved.

When polymer oil seals start to lose their plasticisers, a “proper repair” with loss of production time to replace the seal is not required. Simply add LecWec, even possible while the machine is still running. Reports from users of over 15 years ago confirm that as long as the oil with LecWec is still in the machine, the seals remain cured. Compare the costs! If a power-steering leaks, “normally” it has to be replaced, with 4-figure costs. The necessary LecWec costs, for a private car, about $12.

Intelligent lighting saves electricity and gives, for whatever is being done, ideal lighting. LED lights are optimal for lowering the power cost, and with the new and uniquely programmable sensor, quick group-changes  ensure constant good working conditions, from precision work to warehousing. And replacement of fluorescent lighting will save the cost well within a year, and the lighting will hold for over 50,000 hours.

Chambers warns, that there are several others who claim big savings, but who have no proof of such. For instance, frequency adjusters are claimed to be capable of serving if also fitted to motors which are not required to vary their speed.  Lies and bribery.  Demand scientifically solid evidence, on paper, and submit it to experts.

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