Lee Spring DIN-Plus Series Available from Stock

Lee Spring offers an extensive selection of DIN-Plus compression springs from stock and available for immediate delivery. This series helps to meet the increasing global demand for metric designs with the added benefit of excellent corrosion resistance. The DIN-Plus Series is offered in two standard DIN Series types, DIN2098 Part 1 and Part 2.

The DIN2098 Part 1 springs include the more standard to larger range of DIN2098 compression springs made of spring steel grade EN 10270-1-SH available in sizes from 4.4mm (0.173”) to 1015mm (39.961”) long. The Lee Spring DIN-Plus Part 1 range also includes a zinc plate finish, which improves corrosion resistance and distinguishes the Lee Spring DIN-Plus Series from many other commercial offerings available.

DIN2098 Part 2 springs include the smaller range of DIN2098 compression springs and made from stainless steel grade EN 10270-3-1.4310-NS available in sizes from 1.0mm (0.039”) to 52.4mm (2.063”) long. The Lee Spring DIN-Plus Part 2 range is distinguished from other commercial offerings with Lee Spring’s passivation finish, which maximizes the essential corrosion resistance versus non-passivated stainless steel.

Need springs fast? Lee Spring offers these parts, plus more than 25,000 springs available for rapid delivery, plus custom springs manufactured to your exact specifications. Further information on Lee Spring products can be found on their website – www.leespring.co.uk or by following them on Twitter – https://twitter.com/leespringuk.

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