Limescale Elimination… Us Government Tests Prove Efficacy of UK Manufactured Product For Elimination Of Limescale In Heating Systems

Every year the US Government under their green proving ground programme take a select number of products that they believe will have a beneficial environmental impact and test the claims made for them by the manufacturers.

In 2012 The General Services Administration installed a Fluid Dynamics Catalytic scale preventer in a pipe line feeding a boiler in a Courthouse in Salt Lake City Utah. The courthouse in question was suffering from severe scaling. Electric heater elements we being replaced every few months and the insulating effects of the scale on the elements were so severe that they building manager had to leave the hot water switched on all week end because the water took too long to heat up if the heater was switched off on Friday and back on Monday. Following Installation of Fluid Dynamics Catalytic conditioner scaling was completely eliminated in the boiler. The elements no longer had to be replaced and energy saving was a massive 10%.

Fluid Dynamics has been manufacturing non chemical scale preventers in UK for more than 40 years its catalytic water conditioners are used by , Nestle, Unilever, Kimberly Clark, Waitrose, Marks and Spencers and thousands more worldwide.

Units are simply plumbed into the pipework and range in size from 1/2” ( 15mm) in diameter to 16” in Diameter protecting private houses all the way to power stations from the effects of limescale

The conclusion of the report was that all US government buildings in hard water areas should consider installing a catalytic water conditioner. .. Quite a coup for an English Manufacturer.

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