Buyers Guide to Used Process Equipment

Buying used equipment can provide significant cost savings against new, but despite this many people are
deterred by the plethora of myths that surround the industry.

This guide takes some of the more common myths and exposes them, so that you, and your company, don’t miss out on the advantages of buying used process equipment.

MYTH 1: I won’t save that much compared to buying new.

Obviously the cost varies from piece to piece, but used equipment offers an average saving of 70% compared with the cost of new.

Buying used process equipment will not only save you money, it will save you valuable time. The equipment is almost always immediately available, so that you have less disruption and down time to your production.

MYTH 2: There is no guarantee that used equipment will work.

Buying used equipment from a reputable used machinery dealer will ensure the
equipment is in good working order. Most items will come with a full service history, and will have been well maintained.

When Perry buy equipment and bring it into stock, we have a team of experienced technical engineers who will carry out a number of tests on the equipment before it is re-sold. This is to ensure it is in fully working order. These tests can include; test run of the unit, pressure & vacuum testing and a spark test. We
welcome customers to inspect the equipment, and to witness these tests where

MYTH 3: You can’t buy spare parts for a used machine.

This commonly held belief is simply untrue. Additional parts can be sourced for any machine. If a part can’t be obtained from the OEM it may be possible to
locate it from a different machine, especially if the dealer holds a large amount of stock. Alternatively, a good dealer will have relationships with engineering
companies that can make the parts from the original drawings of the unit to its original specification.

MYTH 4: There will be no documentation available.

Most used equipment is supplied with its relevant technical documentation and user guide. If it is not
available, the OEM’s can usually supply these, and a good dealer will generally organise this for you.

With every piece of machinery Perry buys, we receive a completed material safety data sheet from the seller. This information is required in order to meet Health & Safety requirements for material handling, so make sure your dealer can provide this for you.

MYTH 5: The equipment will not meet your requirements or current

Some older equipment may not meet the current legislation guidelines, however in most cases it can be
modified to ensure that it does. Sometimes the machine can be sent back to the OEM, or to an engineering company to be modified. It is also possible that some modifications can be done by the dealer themselves in-house, which obviously makes the process much easier.

You need to be aware of your own company safety guidelines, and make sure as soon as possible that the unit meets your requirements and is suitable for your process.

MYTH 6: I won’t find my exact specification on the used market.

From our own experience, nothing is impossible to find on the used equipment market. A dealer with global presence and contacts will be able to search worldwide for you.

Perry work with clients in many industries, and we have a wide range of equipment that can often be used in a multitude of processes. So even if we don’t have your exact requirement, we may be able to find an
alternative unit that can do just the job for you.

MYTH 7: It’s too much hassle buying used.

Buying used equipment should not be a hassle. Our process is simple. We would request some details with regards to the specification and purpose of the machine, then we’ll check our inventory for any suitable items and send you an instant quotation by email. Your quote will include the machine specification, price, location, and photographs so that you have all of the information your decision making team need. Copies of documentation, photos and video clips of the unit will help you to decide whether it’s right for you, without you having to even leave your desk.

MYTH 8: The equipment may not work on my process.

Most companies who hold stock of equipment will offer a trial period, where you can take the unit to your site and use it on your particular product for a certain period of time to ensure it’s right for your process. Alternatively, some trials can also be done at the dealer’s facility.

If you have any doubt as to whether a machine will be suitable for you, we would always advise you contact the OEM for their advice. We can provide the machine details, such as the serial number and the year of manufacture, so that you can be truly certain.

At Perry we are able to offer a Sale or Return option on some of our equipment.

Since 1932, Perry has been supply high quality used process plant and equipment worldwide to companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

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