Optical Level Sensor Finds Success in Refrigeration Industry

A combination of clever optics, modern electronics and innovative manufacturing has led to Product Innovation Ltd’s optical level sensor finding a niche market in the UK’s refrigeration industry. Since it was first trialled by Tesco several years ago more than 2000 units have been supplied. Most of these have been fitted in Tesco refrigeration plant and used to measure the level of liquid refrigerant.

The sensor is totally solid state and can be used in a variety of applications including where high pressure or aggressive chemicals are involved. See http://www.productinnovation.com/pages/optical-level-sensor.html

The sensor consists of a ladder of LEDs and IR sensors encapsulated in clear epoxy. In use each step of the ladder is powered up in turn until the point at which the light from the LED is no longer internally reflected. This indicates the liquid level.

The sensor uses the known optical principle of Total Internal Reflection.

The sensor hence requires no calibration and, because it is a solid rod of epoxy, pressure and aggressive chemicals present no problem to its use. The output is an analogue signal in the 0 – 5V range.



PI OLS Vertical


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