Linear brushless DC motors

Moticont has added two new linear DC motors to its LCVM series of linear voice coil motors. The newest additions to the LVCM series share the same physical dimensions – each is 50.8 mm (2 in) in diameter and the housings are 127 mm (5 in) long. Features of these efficient, high acceleration/ deceleration, low inertia, clean, zero cogging, brushless voice coil motors makes them ideal for: sorting, packaging, sampling, work holding and clamping, laser machining and drilling and wafer handling. For applications requiring a longer stroke, the LVCM-051-127-02 features a stroke of 44.5 mm (1.75 in) with a continuous force of 61.5 N (13.8 lbs) and a peak force of 194.4 N (43.7 lbs). In comparison, the LVCM-051-127-03 has a higher continuous force of 99.5 N (22.4 lbs) and a peak force of 314.5 N (70.7 lbs) and a stroke length of 25.4mm (one inch) for applications with a higher force to size ratio.

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