Detecting whether you have liquid at a point in your process or system is vital in preventing damage to components or equipment. Similarly, maintaining fluid between set levels is also critical in ensuring systems run efficiently, and reduces the cost of repair and maintenance.

SST Sensing, a Process Sensing Technologies company, has been the leading manufacturer of low-cost optical liquid detection switches for over 18 years.

SST’s range of miniature and high-pressure level switches are designed into many fluid control applications such as protecting control cabinets from water ingress damage to maintaining hydraulic and additive fluid levels in production equipment. Liquid level switches from SST are developed for level and leak detection sensing, often where traditional float switches have been unreliable or require too much liquid to switch, or in viscous or continuously moving liquids in humid environments.

SST’s in-house design and production teams work with customers to provide samples and test fluid compatibility and application specific details, offering standard or customised solutions that include cable and connector changes, hydrophobic coatings, food and pharmaceutical grade components and high vibration resistant switching.

Choose liquid detection switches from SST Sensing. The leader in low-cost optical liquid control solutions.

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