PhoenixTM offer Safe Certified Coating Cure Monitoring

New PhoenixTM intrinsically safe temperature monitoring solutions for ATEX classified coating applications

Evolution, legislation, and automation in the automotive manufacture process, including the painting operation, has driven a constant need for innovation in temperature profiling and process monitoring. PhoenixTM has embraced this innovation challenge with many exciting new technologies, including a new ATEX certified thru-process temperature profiling system. To the best of our knowledge, we believe this is the only available ATEX approved multi-channel thru-process temperature monitoring system on the market today.

Over the year’s regulatory compliance and health and safety has become a critical aspect of day to day

manufacturing. One important requirement of this in the paint operation has been the need for classification of areas and zones on the paint line against potential explosive risk (e.g. ATEX classification in Europe). A need to identify the explosive risk in key areas and therefore restriction on the type of equipment that can be used in that area brings technical challenges.

To perform a temperature profile on a solvent or water-based coating line requires that the profiling system be passed through zones / areas that are classified as potentially hazardous. These areas may include the paint booth, flash off zone and even the paint curing oven itself. In such areas potentially explosive gases / volatile organic compounds (VOC) may be present from solvents such as Acetone, Toluene and Xylene, used in and released from the coatings or as cleaning agents. In a powder coating line, the build-up of dust layers and dust clouds can also create an environmental explosive risk.

Phoenix Temperature Measurement (PhoenixTM) has introduced the new PTM1520 Epsilon-x Temperature data logger offering a unique intrinsically safe 10/20 channel profiling system. The PTM1520 data logger is certified against the ATEX European standards as Group II category for safe operation in gaseous and dust environments (ATEX Zone 2 and 22 respectively) allowing safe operation of automotive paint and powder coating applications.

Phoenix your finishing oven to Find, Fix and Forget those paint finishing problems with complete safety and regulatory compliance!

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