Liverpool University chooses Stokvis Plate heat exchangers

Liverpool University is nearing completion of a long-term M&E upgrade that has seen Stokvis plate heat exchangers replace nearly all the existing calorifiers used to provide hot water to its buildings.

Over the past 10 years, the University has been taking its old calorifiers (each one used to store up to 3,000 litres of hot water) out of service as they reach the end of their service lives or become uneconomical.

Replacement is with plate heat exchangers, usually accompanied by a 300 – 500 litre buffer vessel, to supply hot water on demand. 

“Stokvis plate heat-exchangers are our preferred solution for hot-water generation” confirmed Jonathan Cave, senior mechanical engineer at Liverpool University’s Facilities Management department.

“We don’t wait until the equipment falls over; when a calorifier is costing too much to maintain or is nearing the end of its service life, we replace it”, says Jonathan.

The difficulty of keeping a large volume of water stored at high temperature for long periods means that an old calorifier can provide a breeding ground for Legionella Bacteria.

A plate heat exchanger, however, produces hot water at a reliable temperature on demand. The buffer vessel maintains a small supply for instant use and the system constantly recirculates the water through the system to prevent stagnation and cold-spots developing.

Liverpool University has a large city centre campus served by a CHP district heating system, which Jonathan says is perfect for feeding into the Stokvis units.

However, the University has around 300 separate buildings of various types, ranging from laboratories to student accommodation, in its property portfolio.

Within the last year alone, Stokvis Econoplate Packaged plate heat exchangers have been installed in five different buildings, including the Mount Pleasant office building, the Sports & Fitness Centre, the Victoria Building, Harold Cohen Library and, most recently the kitchen of the Guild of Students.


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