LM-3 Laser Marking System – A complete system for the economic production ID tags and labels.

Aa a complete system of hardware, software and accessories the LM-3 laser printing system provides a cost-effective solution for producing quality, non-durable labels for a variety of applications. Including identification and marking of wires, cables, components, control panels or signaling equipment.

With a dedicated UK Sales and Technical Team devoted to helping customers get the very best out of their MurrSystems hardware, it’s clear to see why Murrsystems are the number one choice for a flexible cost-effective solution for the inhouse production of industrial labels.

Laser marking technology – it’s the future

As technology has developed, laser marking has become faster, more accurate and thus more popular. Subsequently, this technology is now the preferred method for permanent marking of metal and plastic labels in a diverse range of industry sectors. Tim Bradbury UK Sales and Technical Engineer explains “ I’m very confident that laser marking technology will continue to get more precise and more cost effective in the future. The LM-3 is already at the forefront of this technology and offers a complete laser marking solutions for companies and organisations looking for a faster, more accurate process of producing inhouse labels and ID tags.”


Highly Flexible with a variety of label materials

The LM-3 is so flexible and automated that it can label onto polycarbonate, polypropylene, adonized aluminum, stainless steel or laser foils. Producing durable labels that are UV, acid, oil, chemical resistant. The LM-3 is able to function under extreme environmental influences and mechanical stress.

The LM-3 does not require any additional consumables such as printer cartridges, ink, thermal transfer ribbons or even toners. The whole inscription process is done by laser, inside the unit.

Automated batch processing and marking software integration enables the LM-3 to perform at a high output. The magazine filling aid mp-LM B enables a smooth and time-optimized labeling process due to parallel preparation of the magazine loading. The mp-LM carrier plates are used to flexibly hold various MurrSystems labeling materials.

Labelling material can be stacked directly in the labeling magazine. However, separator plates can also be inserted into the magazine. These allow mixed loading in one batch – various materials in different thicknesses, shapes and colours for different applications can be labelled. With the help of the mp-LM single-line adapter plates, part used label frames can continue to be used. The Universal Marking software used with the LM 3 can also operate other labeling technologies or devices: device-independent and process-optimized, time- and cost-saving, as well as intuitive and interactive.

For further information or to arrange a demonstration of the MurrSystems Labelling Systems call 0161 728 3133 or email Tim.bradbury@murrelektronik.co.uk

MurrSystems is represented by Murrelektronik in the UK.


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