New – Longwave Infrared Thermal Camera Technology from Workswell

ALRAD Instruments bring you the latest innovative Thermal camera technology from Workswell Infrared Cameras.  The wide selection of camera variants covers Thermal Machine Vision, Automation, Scientific, Medical, Agriculture, UAV/Drone, security and Search and Rescue applications.

Process and packaging applications in the food and pharmaceutical industry are using new low plastics solutions involving recyclable fibre products and biodegradable hot melt glue – Thermal inspection is increasingly used to monitor and maintain QA levels in this area.

We also supply Thermal camera technology for the research and scientific sectors.Workswell Thermal Camera range Workswell WIC SC is a thermal camera designed primarily for universities and research organizations. This camera offers a high resolution of 640 × 512 pixels, 60 Hz camera versions (9 Hz for export is also available) as well as an exceptional temperature sensitivity of 30 mK. The package includes two interchangeable lenses, IP65 protection kit, 2 × Workswell CorePlayer software licenses and a license for the WIC SDK for developing your own applications.

For the full range of Workswell Thermal Cameras, please click the following link:  ALRAD Thermal

NEW – Very High Speed Stabilised InGaAs Short Wave Infrared SWIR Camera C-RED 2 Lite

NEW Product Line – First Light Imaging C-Red 2 Lite – Very High Speed Stabilised InGaAs Short Wave Infrared SWIR Camera C-RED 2 Lite is the stabilised version of C-RED 2, able to run at 600 FPS with 32 electrons readout noise. To achieve this performance, C-RED 2 Lite integrates a 640 x 512 InGaAs PIN Photodiode detector with 15 μm pixel pitch for high resolution, which embeds an electronic shutter with integration pulses shorter than 5 μs. The camera has no fan, and is stabilized. It can also be watercooled for better performances with an optional cooling plate.C-RED 2 Lite is specially designed for high end industrial applications, science and surveillance.

For the full range of First Light Imaging High-speed Low Light Cameras, please click the following link:  ALRAD High-speed Low Light Cameras

Embedded Vision from ALRAD

Embedded vision systems acquire, control and process image data without an external computer and therefore require much less space than traditional machine vision systems. The low size, weight, power and cost of embedded vision systems means that almost any application can benefit from the power of machine vision technology. The Imaging Source offers system developers a broad portfolio of embedded vision products – from embedded development kits for initial prototypes to board cameras for market-ready applications, the key variants of camera board and interface are as follows:

MIPI CSI-2 board cameras:

These board cameras feature The Imaging Source’s proprietary 28-pin interface, offering system engineers maximum design flexibility.

FPD-Link III board cameras:

The Imaging Source’s board cameras with an FPD-Link III interface offer the full functionality of MIPI CSI-2 board cameras while also allowing for cable lengths of up to 15m.

FPD-Link III Industrial Cameras with IP67 Housing:

Equipped with an FPD-Link III interface, these robust industrial cameras are are fully IP6K6 & IP6K7 / ISO 20653 compliant and allow cable lengths of up to 15m.

Embedded Development Kits:

Embedded development kits for NVIDIA® Jetson Nano™, NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier NX™ and Raspberry Pi 4 platforms are ideal for rapid prototyping.

For more information on our range of Imaging and Machine Vision components and systems, please contact the friendly ALRAD Sales team on: +44 (0)1635 30345 or email to:


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