Looking for a quick fix?

Miniature Quick Connect Probes provided a quick fix for visitors to the TME stand at Sensors & Instrumentation 2017.

MD, Tom Sensier: “Visitors were asking for a quick and easy way to fit temperature probes without bulky head assemblies, and these clever little probes provided the best answer.”

TME’s Quick Connect Probes use a moulded-on terminal assembly, which is easily fitted to the sensor wire via simple screw terminals, and is supplied with a cable hood to inhibit ingress into the cable terminal block. Compared with normal head assemblies, they are much less subject to mechanical stress – ideal for high vibration areas such as engine monitoring – and are suitable for numerous process control applications.

Total encapsulation around the sensor ensures a waterproof seal also maximising strength and durability, and other benefits include high accuracy, a wide operating and measuring range and fast response.

Quick Connect Probes are suitable for a variety of applications, with options for either general purpose/immersion into liquids or sensing air/gas temperatures.

Watch this video demonstration to see just how easy it is to fit a Quick Connect Probe.

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