Low-cost purge monitoring in the palm of your hand

TVC offers a range of equipment for the measurement and control of Oxygen levels including the popular BPM and HPM hand-held range of purge monitors.

Competitively priced entry level purge monitoring

The BPM offers high accuracy and reliability in a small, portable, and simple to use unit. Designed for use with all inert purging gases, covering all purging applications, and able to continuously monitor Oxygen levels for quick, easy, spot checks.

Other equipment in this price range use constantly diminishing chemical cells, however, the BPM’s non-depleting Oxygen optical cell technology offers reliability, accuracy and extremely long-life.

  • Displays Oxygen level from 21.00% to 0.01%
  • Ergonomically designed hand-held case
  • Simple, single push button operation
  • Monochrome LCD displays the Oxygen level and battery level

Combined sensors for accurate and efficient purging

The robust HPM is available in two models, subject to resolution required. Both models have on-board data logging as standard, IP rated buttons and a 2.6” OLED full colour display which easily shows when the set Oxygen levels have been achieved and welding can begin.


  • Non-depleting optical Oxygen cell
  • Displays the Oxygen level from 21.00% to 0.01%


  • Combines both optical cell and Zirconia sensor technology
  • Displays in both percent (%) and parts per million (ppm)
  • Measures from 210000ppm down to 1ppm and from 21.00% to 1ppm

Optional Carbon Dioxide content measurement from 0.5% up to 59.9% and an optional output to enable flow control via a remote flow control box for quick, accurate and efficient purging are also available for the HPM.

Contact:         Chris Cathles
Email:             sales@tvcalx.co.uk
Website:            https://www.tvcalx.co.uk/

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