Mabey Hire EnviroGuard System offers improved safety, efficiency and cost savings.

Mabey Hire Ltd. has announced the launch of its new EnviroGuard complete environmental monitoring system, featuring a modular range of instruments, detectors, power supplies and network communications that work together to provide unprecedented monitoring capabilities covering the full spectrum of industrial and construction monitoring needs.

Mabey Hire LIVE Instrumentation, Mabey Hire’s dedicated instrumentation division, will tailor every EnviroGuard installation to each customer’s exact requirements, selecting from a range of more than 15 sensor packages that detect and monitor everything from airborne particulates and wind speed to vibration, water pressure and volatile organic compounds.

The whole EnviroGuard system is managed from Mabey’s LIVEsite, a sophisticated web based suite of tools and reporting functions that allows users to monitor instrument readings in real time, export historical data and overlay readings to compare recent with historical data or correlate readings across different sensors. LIVEsite has been carefully designed to create reports that are fully interoperable with the vast majority of systems in use by construction and engineering companies, local authority environmental officers and government departments.

Dave Holland, Technical Director at Mabey Hire LIVE Instrumentation, explained the advantages of the EnviroGuard system saying, “One of EnviroGuard’s key strengths is its integration with Mabey LIVEsite. Each EnviroGuard installation is in constant communication with LIVEsite, streaming data from its instruments into a sophisticated software platform that allows customers to analyse data both historically and in real time. Customers can predefine value thresholds for any of the sensors to alert nominated users by email to excessive or insufficient readings, making EnviroGuard a valuable tool in ensuring safety and pre-empting crises. EnviroGuard can also alert users to potentially unsafe working conditions at remote sites, allowing teams to allocate resources to work-safe sites and eliminate wasted journeys.”

The EnviroGuard system is housed in one of three sizes of lockable, rugged composite enclosures that meet or exceed the minimum IP65 rating. Mabey Hire offers full customisation options with higher IP ratings, in metallic, stainless steel or ATEX enclosures, for added security and protection where required.

The standard EnviroGuard system uses standard 110v AC power, and also has a 30 minute uninterruptible power supply (UPS) back up on board in case of mains power interruptions. EnviroGuard can be configured with a range of low voltage DC power solutions that enable the system to operate continuously and entirely off-grid, for monitoring remote sites or areas where mains power is unreliable or unavailable.

The EnviroGuard system has successfully completed trials in a variety of fields, including real-time monitoring of noise and particulate levels on demolition sites, section 61 compliance on construction sites, air quality levels at the roadside, gas emissions from contaminated sites and water levels in boreholes. The modularity of the system, from instruments to housing and power, means that it can be configured to fulfil almost any conceivable remote monitoring role.


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