Behringer Eisele offers volume cuts with maximum yield and quality with the HCS 150E high performance automatic circular saw.

The HCS 150 E is a compact system entry package consisting of an automatic high performance circular saw for steels with a loading magazine for round material and optional rectangular profiles. It thus forms the ideal supplement to the successful HCS volume cut series from Behringer Eisele, covering a wide industrial application spectrum and with an appealing price.

The HCS 150 E is the first step into the upper class for high performance saw technology, and investment in an HCS 150E is rapidly amortised; benefits of the high efficiency premium saw can be taken advantage of straight away. The model features all premium grade components and technical refinements expected of Behringer Eisele circular saws and its reliability decisively contributes to profitable cutting processes right from the outset.

The HCS 150 E high performance circular saw is suitable for solid materials and pipes to a diameter of 150 millimetres. The wide standard speed regulating range of 25 to 215 r/min enables a broad field of applications even with the basic equipment setup. The saw drive is based on the dependable Behringer Eisele combination of a robust, zero-backlash, in-house manufactured worm gear unit and frequency-controlled 15kW main drive. Together with the infinitely controllable servo drive of the feedrate axis and minimum quantity spray cooling unit, the system also offers sufficient adaptive capability for future developments in the saw blade and lubricant sectors.

With the HCS 150 E BEHRINGER EISELE offers for the first time a standardized entry into the upper-class of sawing which covers a big range of all industrial demands. Really attractive is the HCS 150 E in combination with the proven robust feeders: Bar loading magazines, flat magazines, bundle loading magazine, chain loading magazines or other variations – the in-house steel construction of Behringer has solutions ready for many demands. Roller conveyors and grippers on supply- and removal side make the HCS-system a real economic factor. The material supplies, powered by a servo-motorical ballscrew mark themselves by exact and quick positioning of the feedstock. To avoid damages and scratches in the workpiece the supply unit is equipped with a controlled zero-edge which raises the material during the feed motion and moves it away from the fixed jaw.

Maintenance requirements in terms of good accessibility over the complete machine have been optimally met by Behringer Eisele with the HCS 150 E. Large viewing windows on two sides ensure a clear view of the cutting process, and tool change doors on the face end mean that easy cleaning and machine maintenance are carried out at any time.

Flying chips have been optimised once again with the interior design so that the machine is kept almost chip-free with the optionally available chip conveyor. This results in long cleaning cycles which are in turn positive in terms of plant availability. Cleaning itself is simple, as attention was paid during the construction phase to the avoidance of soiling corners and locations that are difficult to clean.


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