Cutting Steel at Record Speed – The HBM500SC

Key industries operating in the world economy require large quantities of case-hardened and heat-treated steel (16MnCr5 and 42CrMo4) at ever more frequent intervals. Forging plants have adjusted to the increased demand, and there is pressure on machine manufacturers to offer plants enabling the economical machining of this type of material.

Behringer GmbH has been stepping up to this challenge for a number of years already, and has revolutionized the world of bandsawing in terms of cutting output, saw blade life and material savings with its Speed Cutting Technology (SC Technology). “Speed Cutting Technology represents a quantum leap in sawing technology”, confirms CEO Christian Behringer. It is the culmination of a successful symbiosis of innovative machine technology and newly developed tools, and is setting whole new standards in terms of speed. It uses extremely thin standard saw blades just 1.1 mm in thickness and 67 mm in height. The minimal thickness of the saw band reduces the cutting forces required per tooth, and the significantly narrower kerf channel saves material. This material saving has a major impact particularly in comparison to conventional large-scale circular sawing plants.

The pivotal issue in any high-performance machining operation is the stability of the overall machine. This is why Behringer produces all the essential components using vibration-absorbing grey cast iron. By using servo technology to control the saw’s infeed, not only is an even stock removal process guaranteed during machining, but also the highly precise cutting pressure control helps prevent the blade from overloading.

Economical operation hinges largely on the service life of the tool. Special band guides and a suitable coolant feed system make a significant difference here, meaning that speed and cost-efficiency are no longer contradictory objectives. Impressive proof of the key improvements made in this field are cutting output levels and saw blade service lives which would have been inconceivable up until only recently.

An optimized chip cleaning system efficiently transports the higher number of chips occurring during high-performance sawing out of the cutting area in the chip conveyor located in the machine bed.

Utilizing the full potential offered by SC technology imposes stringent demands on the machine concept, in particular the degree of automation. Behringer supplies individually tailored solutions to address this need. The company acts as a one-stop shop, supplying the complete range of fully automatic infeed and discharge systems, roller conveyors and transverse transport systems, as well as facility for linking the HBM-SC to different storage systems – all from a single source. Behringer’s in-house plant engineering department is capable of configuring the optimum periphery to address individual customer requirements. Because all the components integrated in a plant can be linked to the control system, the term Speed Cutting applies well beyond the actual sawing process itself.



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