Industry enhanced installation device, System Loc+

Ensures correct installation of rupture disc holders in safety critical applications

Elfab’s new and improved System Loc+ is a simple installation method that ensures correct fitting of rupture disc holders. System Loc+ is a low-cost tool, improving safety and ease of installation, while reducing human error occurrences. Elfab recognise that human factors are apparent in every process and strive to manufacture and develop solutions that make the selection and fitting of safety critical products as simple as possible.

The latest development eliminates the need for flange drilling, allowing customers to install this product without damaging the flange or invalidating warranty, a known industry concern.   Consisting of a carbon steel elbow bracket with a shear head bolt, System Loc + is tamperproof and remains secure for the life of the installation. Following disc burst or during routine maintenance System Loc+ guarantees safe and accurate re-installation of the holder.

The latest enhancement of the System Loc+ further reaffirms Elfab’s dedication to safety. Its robust and foolproof design is produced to suit all internationally recognised flange ratings and is compatible with Elfab’s full range of rupture disc holders.
Elfab make every effort to enhance the installation process of its products and this latest development is the first of many installation improvements to be announced by Elfab as well as supporting their training packages which are dedicated to process safety improvements.


System Loc+

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