MACH 2018

With over two years of planning coming to a climax, MACH 2018 is nearly upon us. The UK’s premier manufacturing technologies showcase is set to fling open its doors at the Birmingham NEC between 9th and 14th April.

Innovation shapes the world around us and without the appropriate technology we would not have the advances in living standards and the products and services we rely on for our day to day lives.

Digital manufacturing has a big part to play in this evolution and the technology being produced, has never been so accessible. MACH 2018 is the place to see these innovations in action, the place to discover the power of manufacturing technologies and the engineering excellence that has gone in to producing them. We are living in an ever more connected world, with manufacturers facing increasing pressure to meet consumer demand.

Many different technologies and processes have a part to play in the fourth industrial revolution that is sweeping the world, with connective manufacturing being a huge part of the evolution.

In today’s technology-driven business environment, Big Data stands as one of the key drivers of productivity and efficiency for manufacturers. Big Data analytics can enable manufacturers to take a approach to improving the manufacturing process, providing the information to make informed decisions to enhance productivity.

MACH 2018, the UK largest manufacturing technologies showcase, will provide an unrivalled platform for technology providers to demonstrate their innovations. The exhibition itself does not have a specific Industry 4.0 area, but the idea of connective manufacturing is a theme running throughout the show.

Exhibitors at the show have listened to the market and will provide many solutions that will enhance manufacturers production capabilities.

Metal-based Additive Manufacturing (AM) will be one of the prominent emerging technologies on show. Once thought of as nothing more than a hobbyist extension of 3d printing, metal-based AM is enabling manufacturers to produce high-quality components quicker, enhancing productivity and reducing lead times for bringing a product to market.

Other technologies to look out for are automation solutions and how robotics can increase productivity. MACH 2018 will be the place to dispel the myth of robots taking our jobs. Automation is not to be feared and robots and co-bots still need highly trained engineers to operate them. MACH 2018 will provide food for thought on how manufacturers can make the most out of their business and be more competitive.

Digitalisation is the future, but proper preparation for this new age of manufacturing is key, no matter the size of the business from SME’s to OEM’s, the exhibition will introduce technology solutions to power your businesses.

MACH 2018 also has a packed seminar programme which will be announced in the coming weeks, the exhibition is the place where academia and industry meet. Where technologies of the future are introduced to market.

MACH 2018 is the unmissable advanced engineering showcase, so start planning your visit today. Visitors can now register for their Entrance Pass and Fast Track Entry Pack now, via the MACH exhibition website at

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