Maintenance-free electric micro-dehumidifiers protect cabinets and electrical equipment from moisture damage

Rosahl is a unique electric micro-dehumidifier for small enclosures where maintenance-free drying is an important factor. It uses a solid-state polymer membrane in a flat panel, and models are available for enclosures from one litre up to 4m³.

Rosahl was developed in Japan in response to a demand for compact and maintenance free air-drying solutions to protect sensitive equipment from moisture damage. It has since found its way into protecting photonics, telecommunications equipment, manufacturing processes and electrical cabinets and more.

Rosahl dehumidifiers work using electrolysis when connected to a 3V DC power source. The membranes have no moving parts, are silent and vibration free in operation, and have a very low energy footprint. The dehumidifying process does not produce liquid water, making it maintenance free and giving the membrane a long operating life.

Designed for industrial and commercial applications, Rosahl membranes offer a long-term solution to humidity control for enclosures.  They are particularly useful for equipment in remote locations, or where a conventional dehumidifier would be difficult to maintain or service. It operates over a temperature range of -10 to +50°C

Rosahl is sold and stocked and supported in the UK by Westside International Ltd

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