Poundland seek Dexeco’s expertise to switch to LED for recent expansion

Leading single price UK retailer are quids in with Dexeco’s array of outstanding energy saving luminaries.

Dexeco manufactured and delivered an impressive total of 776 high level LED products for Poundland’s new flagship depot in Harlow, Essex. The 31,000 m2 distribution centre is the retailer’s largest facility, serving its entire store network and driving their business expansion in the UK and across the Channel.

At the special request of Poundland via associated contractors McLaren and Walter Miles Building Services, Dexeco were handpicked along a line of competitors to advise the Group on the advantages of LED over T5 lighting. Being at the vanguard of the European market in advanced LED technology for industrial, retail and commercial sectors and boasting an extensive portfolio in professional warehouse lighting solutions, Dextra Group rose to the occasion, presenting an offer that was hard to resist.

By working closely with the client, Dexeco was able to ensure the client a return on investment within a staggering 2 years. The Dexeco team took a mere 6 weeks to perform the necessary payback calculations, present quotations, guide the client through the bespoke design and sampling process, and finally deliver and install the required luminaires. Once again, Dextra Group fulfilled its unshifting commitment to provide total service to its customers with speed, flexibility and precision.

Dextra Group strives to attain maximum payback for its customers. With this in mind, the Verteco LED and ECO Impervia LED proved to be the ideal choices for the newly built ambient warehouse. Both these precision engineered products have been designed to enhance the vast array of benefits singular to LED lighting and have a track-record of excellent performance, simple installation and significant energy reduction, all of which guarantee a rapid return on investment.

The increasingly popular Verteco LED was selected to cover the warehouse’s large open areas and high racking facilities. Its bespoke R14 sensors combining presence detection and daylight regulation enable accurate remote control programming at heights of 4-18m. This effective integral sensor control maximises energy savings.

The Verteco LED’s robust steel body and constant lumen output, which eliminates lumen depreciation of the source, also allow for minimal maintenance during its longer lifespan, saving Poundland the future expenses of shutting down working areas to replace failed lamps in the depot’s high and hard to reach areas.

Finally, the Verteco LED uses high transmission diffusers that greatly reduce glare which is often problematic for forklift and warehouse operatives. The optical discomfort is eliminated without compromising lighting efficiency.

For the lower racking aisles, the ECO Impervia LED’s robust IP65 casing make it more resistant to dust and light impact from frequent forklift operations and movement of goods.

The ECO Impervia shares similar specifications to the Verteco LED, as each luminaire is also equipped with individually programmable R44 sensors featuring daylight and presence detection and can be simply commissioned via remote control. The optical design minimises glare. Both these products are highly versatile and are suited for multiple applications.

In addition to the long life and low maintenance of Dexeco’s LED range, all products are supplied with a 5 year warranty, providing peace of mind that the installations will operate effectively above and beyond the payback period.

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