Mechanical Sensor for Detection of 1 or 2 Positions

Microprecision is introducing a family of mechanical sensors for very accurate position detection. The new MP600 series of mechanical position sensors is designed to detect two positions within a single, compact electromechanical component. Two independent commutations can sense two previously defined positions to within a few microns of accuracy. The two positions can be set specifically for each application, between 0.3mm and 1.5mm. The fixed NC and NO contacts activate with no measurable hysteresis. Repeatability is less than 5 µm and, depending on cable selection, the operating temperature can go from -40°C up to 130°C. The cable can be supplied with a connector termination, typically M8 or M12.

The unique, patented  switching mechanism is designed for low voltage applications up to 30 VDC. It is self contained and inserted into IP67 rated, threaded standard housings in M8 or M12 form factor, with a pin or ball plunger. If desired, it can also very easily be implemented in custom housing shapes.

Our MP600 series of precise mechanical position sensors was initially developed for use in electromagnetic safety brakes used mostly in lifting applications. We have been addressing target customers in that segment for the last 12 months. We will take advantage of our exhibition at SPS IPC Drives trade show in Nürnberg, Germany in November, to launch this product for use in the general market. We see numerous possible applications for the MP600, in particular in the field of industrial automation.

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