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Profile Projectors, Shadowgraphs, Optical Comparators or sometimes simply known asJT12 A-B Profile Projector Projectors are available with either vertical or horizontal light sources, new or used and from a wide range of manufacturers

Our profile projectors are also available as small compact bench types where space is at a premium.Profile Projectors supplied by Midland Metrology are supplied with a calibration certificate and 12 months warranty for complete peace of mind.

Profile Projector Demonstrations

We are happy to demonstrate our profile projectors at our Coventry showroom where we always keep a comprehensive range of both new and used projectors. Our wide range of profile projectors allow us to provide our customers with best type of projector for their application.

Sophisticated Electronics

SHENZHEN 436 Profile ProjectorProfile projectors with screens 12 inches / 300 mm, 14 inches / 350 mm or 16 inches / 400 mm diameter are available with sophisticated electronics that geometric measurement functions including the calculation of Radius, Diameter Angles etc. Projectors are also available with simple conventional digital displays.

Profile projectors that are supplied with the more sophisticated geometric function electronics also come complete with a built in mini printer so that results can be quickly recorded without the risk of transcription errors.

Profile Projector Retrofits

If you already own a profile projector that you would like bringing up to date then why not contact us for a quotation to retrofit new electronics and scales.

Profile Projector Service and Calibration

Our commitment to you does not end once you have bought a profile projector from us, we can offer on-site service and calibration contracts to ensure your projector is maintained in first class condition, please contact us for further details.

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Optical profile projectors are used, as the name implies to check optically the profile and form of components. They combine highly accurate work stages and specialised electronics that now not only allow the viewer to examine the profile but also to take measurements of radii, hole position etc.

With the addition of edge sensing technology measurements using profile projectors requires less skill and subjective judgement than was formerly required. Modern optical profile projectors, some times known as Shadowgraphs or optical comparators, combine bright evenly illuminated images with high accuracy and are much simpler to use than the older models.

Midland Metrology’s new profile projectors are available with all the latest features, they are manufactured to high standards and accuracy and offer exceptional value for money. Additionally Midland Metrology also supply used or pre-owned profile projectors from virually every profile projector manufacturer including Baty, Starrett, Herald Engineering, Sigma, Nikon etc.

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