Minesoft develops international searchable databases and other web-based products for Intellectual Property (IP) research

We specialise in Patent Information, IP document retrieval, Patent Analytics, Patent Archiving and Competitive Intelligence systems and all areas of Industrial Research including chemistry, engineering and technology. Our products are designed to help drive innovation forward.

Central to our product range is PatBase, the global patent database spanning over 100 patent-issuing authorities worldwide. Available in 7 different languages (including English, Chinese, Japanese, German and Spanish) with cross-lingual search tools and machine translations, PatBase contains over 48 million searchable patent family records. PatBase allows you to search, review, share and analyse business-critical patent information.

Our customers include professionals engaged in IP law, licensing and technology transfer, business development, information management, information science and research and development. We meet the needs of our growing global client base by combining cutting-edge technology with response service from an international customer support team including Europe, USA, Japan and Israel.
Minesoft solutions are designed to help you harness the power of patent information throughout the innovation process.



Website: www.discoverpatents.net


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