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The new configurable series of EN approved 450W U-Channel AC/DC Power Supplies

Ideal Power now offer the new 30M(W)LT450 series from German-owned EOS. The 30M(W)LT450 is a family of 450 Watt U-Channel Enclosed / Chassis Cover AC/DC power conversion supplies available for Medical, Industrial and Commercial applications, with current sharing facility and fan assembly options.

Microreactor systems: Using Teledyne Isco Syringe Pumps

Teledyne Isco pumps have a range of uses in different industries.  One use was by the Environmental Protection Agency’s National Risk Management Research laboratory in Cinncinnati, Ohio who focuses on development of process intensified and green reaction strategies for pharmaceutical relevant reactions.  These high precision syringe pumps have been invaluable to this work in demonstrating organic chemistries in the Spinning Tube-In-Tube (STT®) reactor.  The reactions used with this type of system include the high-conversion synthesis of esters from acid anhydrides and alcohols, of imidazole-based ionic liquids and of dipyrromethanes.

Dialight’s New 125 Lumen per Watt Vigilant® LED High Bay Now CE Compliant

Next-generation LED High Bay is CE compliant for indoor and outdoor applications and features 10 year full performance warranty; Now available with medium and wide optics

Farmingdale, NJ (March 25th, 2014) – Dialight (LSE: DIA.L), the global leader in LED lighting technology, today unveiled the new Vigilant® LED High Bay with industry leading efficiency for maximum return on investment and lower total cost of ownership. At 125 lumens per watt (LPW), the Vigilant LED High Bay is among Dialight’s most ground-breaking innovations providing up to 26,500 delivered fixture lumens and backed by Dialight’s industry-leading 10-year full-performance warranty for more than a decade of reliable, worry-free performance in the world’s harshest industrial environments.

New Nitriding & Nitrocarburising Furnaces Now In Place

Work on the final phase of Keighley Laboratories’ ambitious new heat treatment facility is nearing completion, with its state-of-the art nitriding furnace newly commissioned and undergoing production trials and its sealed quench gaseous nitrocarburising unit currently being installed. Ancillary process equipment, including a solvent degreaser and pre- and post-treatment washers for removing any surface contaminants, are also being integrated into the streamlined workflow arrangement.

Fluke Motors and Drives and Process Tools Seminars programme for 2014

Fluke, the global leader in portable electronic test and measurement technology, is offering a series of free Motors & Drives Seminars, and a series of Process Tools Seminars, as part of its programme of seminars for 2014 throughout the UK and Ireland. Designed to help maintenance technicians become more effective at troubleshooting motors and motor drives, or technicians / engineers to troubleshoot and calibrate process instruments, the seminars are part of the Fluke Academy programme which can be seen at

Easy-to-Clean Grates in Housing from Eriez® blend simplicity and power to provide trouble-free, superior separation performance

Eriez® Easy-to-Clean Grates in Housing combine the extraordinary strength of Rare Earth magnet tubes with a simple design that makes cleaning as straightforward as opening a drawer. They provide ultimate protection against tramp metal contamination and offer dependable performance.

Rapidox 1100ZF-PFC Zirconia Oxygen Gas Analyser

The Rapidox 1100ZF-PFC oxygen analyser allows fast and accurate oxygen analysis over the range 1ppm to 100% O2. The analyser provides continuous on-line oxygen analysis, with a typical response time of less than 5 seconds for a 90% response to a step change in gas compositions.

At the heart of the Rapidox 1100ZF-PFC is a zirconia oxygen sensor including an internal pressure sensor which compensates for small changes in gas pressure to keep the readings stable.

KUKA – 21% increase in production and a dramatically improved health & safety record

Vaillant Group is one of the world’s leading heating technology manufacturers, setting the standards in the heating market, including pioneering the ‘combi’ boiler. ‘Thinking ahead’ is a culture which is embraced throughout the business and Vaillant UK, based in Belper, Derbyshire wanted an innovative way to meet increased levels of customer demand in the UK – without increasing its labour costs. By introducing automation to the assembly of Heat Engines and palletising of Vaillant Boilers, Vaillant UK realised that it could make significant production improvements.

Heraeus Short Wave Infra-Red Speeds Up Tool Heating At Mettis Aerospace

Short wave infra-red emitters from Heraeus Noblelight have allowed Mettis Aerospace to reduce the time required for the heating of tools and dies used in the manufacture of high specification titanium aircraft components to one seventh of the heating times required by a previous gas system.  This has provided significant energy savings and improved controllability, as well as improved forging practices at the company’s Redditch site.

SWA – Gland Pack Evolution

Remember the last time you terminated an SWA cable? Struggling with two spanners or grips, tightening the thin locknut? With plastic enclosures, tightening the banjo earth tag between two locknuts and bending it to get a good earth using a nut and bolt in a confined space?

Professional electricians have for years had to overcome the problems of terminating SWA cables to metal and plastic enclosures with no quick or easy solutions – until now!

Unistrut – What Price do you put on the Safe Operation of your Plant?

In this increasingly competitive market with copies and lower quality unbranded metal framing products and their lack of a traceable steel pedigree and certification, can you afford to run the risk of specifying or fitting non-safe products?

Yes it may look as though you save a few pence per meter up front, but when it gets right down to what’s important to you, those few pence saved could end up costing you far more when product performance lets you down and causes a failure or far worse a safety issue.

Real-time results in under one minute with Metrohm NIRS Process Analysers

“Metrohm Process Analysers provide near real time process information while operating in the harshest of manufacturing conditions. Metrohm NIRSystems offer two types of process NIR technologies with several sampling options for analysing clear to opaque liquids and solids.”

HRS Heat Exchangers Launches a New Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

HRS has launched a new scraped surface heat exchanger to the market called the HRS-Rotex. The HRS-Rotex is a rotary scraped surface heat exchanger that brings new patent pending technology to the market. Traditional rotary scraped surface heat exchangers work on the principle of a tube in tube design and therefore are limited in capacity.

Alternative technologies to fluid switches: affordable, reliable and robust

Traditionally the use of float switches has dominated this market as the low cost solution for fluid level detection. Alternative technologies such as optical sensors have historically been viewed as desirable but too expensive. SST Sensing Ltd have taken the challenge to bring very reliable and robust optical fluid sensors into the market at a cost which is now comparable to float switches.

Seminars combine latest DAQ knowledge with invaluable hands-on experience

HBM On Tour 2014 – a series of technical seminars and workshops – is being held at the Williams Conference Centre in Oxfordshire on the 11th and 12th June to help update engineering knowledge on the latest DAQ techniques and equipment as well as giving delegates invaluable hands-on experience.

Minesoft develops international searchable databases and other web-based products for Intellectual Property (IP) research

We specialise in Patent Information, IP document retrieval, Patent Analytics, Patent Archiving and Competitive Intelligence systems and all areas of Industrial Research including chemistry, engineering and technology. Our products are designed to help drive innovation forward.

REMBE GmbH – Is your profit leaking away?

Leaking Pressure Relief Valves (PRV) are known as a significant source of rouge emissions and product wastage, not forgetting that leakages are a safety concern for site and 3rd party personnel.  Operating companies have increased their routine valve maintenance regimes, wasted time and money trying to perfect leak monitoring systems to identify the leaks all of which fail to solve the problem, these valves will still leak! They have ignored the best solution, use a REMBE® Bursting Disc to isolate the PSV, result Zero leakage through PRV’s!

BOC launches two new retail ‘Gas & Gear’ stores

BOC, the UK’s leading industrial and medical gases business, has opened two new Gas & Gear stores this month, bringing the total size of their store network to 74 in the UK & Ireland and marking a significant step for BOC’s strategy in this key market.

The two new stores – in Barking, Essex and Anglesey, Wales – carry the full range of BOC products and services for collect customers, from work wear and personal protective equipment to gas and welding equipment, industrial products and power/hand tools.

Supreme engineering combined with tribological expertise

High-performance lubricants play a major role in accomplishing large-scale projects such as the Pont Jacques-Chaban-Delmas

Wherever moving parts have to function smoothly under high loads, reliable lubrication is a must. The new lifting bridge Pont Jacques-Chaban-Delmas near Bordeaux in France is a case in point. Klüber Lubrication was commissioned to provide specialist lubricants to all its friction points and met expectations by applying three speciality lubricants which exactly matched the requirements of the works.

Free ACE VibroChecker app turns iPhone into vibration checker

ACE has developed a free app for the iPhone that measures vibration and then offers a reliable selection of vibration isolation products.

VibroChecker is a true innovation and gets the results you need in just three steps: The ACE app can perform ideal measurements when the iPhone is fully placed on the surface to be measured. Once the app has been started, four symbols appear on the display of the mobile phone. When the icon ‘Measure Vibration’ is pressed, a new window opens and the measurement can start.

New replACE range of industrial gas springs offers OEM equivalents from stock

Motion control products manufacturer, ACE Controls International has introduced their new replACE range of gas spring equivalents.

Industrial gas springs have always been a key part of the ACE product range and today some 28 standard models are offered – push and pull type, black coated steel and stainless steel.

Sonatest Ltd and Sonatest Inc release a new combined and comprehensive ultrasonic Transducer Catalogue

Sonatest are pleased to announce the publication of a new comprehensive and combined ultrasonic transducer catalogue,  which compliments their full range of ultrasonic NDT equipment.  The new 67 page colour catalogue now presents all models of transducers manufactured both at Sonatest Ltd, the UK based headquarters, and at Sonatest Inc based in the USA.

New Fluke temperature calibrators and pressure calibration modules

Fluke, the global leader in portable electronic test and measurement technology, has introduced two new high-accuracy Temperature Calibrators, the Fluke 712B and 714B, plus the new Fluke 750P series of Pressure Calibration Modules. The 712B RTD Temperature Calibrator offers simulation and measurement of 13 different RTD sensor types plus resistance, the 714B TC Temperature Calibrator offers simulation and measurement of 17 different thermocouple sensor types plus mV, while the 750P Series offers 48 pressure calibration modules.

Heraeus Carbon Infra-Red Oven Improves Powder Coating Flexibility and Quality at SFS Intec

A three-zone, carbon infra-red medium wave oven from Heraeus Noblelight is helping SFS Intec to improve the flexibility and quality of its powder coating operations.

A three-zone, carbon infra-red medium wave oven from Heraeus Noblelight is helping SFS Intec to improve the flexibility and quality of its powder coating operations. It has allowed the Leeds-based company to change powder curing from a continuous to a batch operation, so that it can now respond more quickly to customer requirements for corrosion-resistant screws and fasteners. In addition, the new pyrometer-controlled oven delivers a more consistent coating quality, is much more energy-efficient than the previous powder coating curing installation and requires considerably less space.

Drives & Controls Show 2014 raises the bar even further

Exhibition organiser, DFA Media, is optimistic that this year’s Drives & Controls (NEC Hall 3/3A, Birmingham, 8-10 April 2014) will exceed both the exhibitor and visitor numbers of the 2012 show, which itself attracted the highest visitor numbers yet; totalling 11,146 for the three-day co-located event. This represented an increase of 29% from the 8624 attendance figure of the 2010 shows, highlighting a significant return of confidence to the UK manufacturing sector.

The sliding gate valve reins in costs for steam systems

Rapid control dynamics reduce steam consumption by up to 30 %

The level of quality attainable in controlling a steam plant is heavily dependent on the dynamic characteristics of the total system comprising the control element, actuator and controller. The control parameters for sliding gate valves relating to dynamic behaviour are clearly superior to those for conventional control valves. As a result, the highly responsive dynamics not only improve the control quality but also form the basis for control circuits with very short reaction times. This has proved to be the key factor in steam savings of up to 30 %. Current comparisons of steam plant operators show that savings of this magnitude are attainable only by installing a sliding gate valve in place of a traditional control valve.