Fluke Motors and Drives and Process Tools Seminars programme for 2014

Fluke, the global leader in portable electronic test and measurement technology, is offering a series of free Motors & Drives Seminars, and a series of Process Tools Seminars, as part of its programme of seminars for 2014 throughout the UK and Ireland. Designed to help maintenance technicians become more effective at troubleshooting motors and motor drives, or technicians / engineers to troubleshoot and calibrate process instruments, the seminars are part of the Fluke Academy programme which can be seen at http://www.flukeacademy.shuttlepod.org/UK-seminars

The content of the Motors and Drives Seminars is aimed at helping maintenance technicians (electromechanical technicians, electricians) become more effective at troubleshooting motors and motor drives, and ultimately helping reduce downtime and save on costly repair bills. During the Motors and Drives Seminars the participants will learn:

  • How to quickly isolate a fault down to a component level
  • How to facilitate a quick and cost effective repair
  • How to diagnose a problem (is it a component failure, installation problem or potentially an application performance issue?)
  • To gain insights in typical fault conditions in a motor system
  • To take key measurements and use troubleshooting techniques
  • The basics of interpreting results.


The content of the Process Tools Seminars is designed for instrumentation technicians / engineers to experience how process instruments operate, why they need calibration, and to practice troubleshooting and calibrating process instruments live in a practical workshop. During the Process Seminars participants will learn:

  • An introduction to Process Calibration
  • How to set up a Calibration procedure
  • Practical mA troubleshooting exercises
  • mA Loop troubleshooting, background tips and tricks
  • About pressure transmitters and switches
  • Practical pressure transmitter calibration exercises
  • About temperature and temperature calibration
  • Temperature transmitter calibration exercises
  • Background on Documenting Calibration
  • HART – “digital calibration” what is that?


Other seminars in the Fluke Academy programme cover power quality improvement; one designed to help facilities reduce their energy costs; and how to make the best use of thermography.

The web page also provides access to webinars and webcasts that provide online training to obtain the maximum benefit in the application of thermal imagers, power quality meters and portable oscilloscopes, as well as highlighting training courses with partner institutions.

Information about all Fluke products can be obtained via the Fluke web site at www.fluke.co.uk

K0411fl - Fluke Motors and Drives and Process Tools Seminars 2014

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