Easy-to-Clean Grates in Housing from Eriez® blend simplicity and power to provide trouble-free, superior separation performance

Eriez® Easy-to-Clean Grates in Housing combine the extraordinary strength of Rare Earth magnet tubes with a simple design that makes cleaning as straightforward as opening a drawer. They provide ultimate protection against tramp metal contamination and offer dependable performance.

Easy-to-Clean Grates in Housing are an ideal choice for applications where the process is stopped for grate magnet cleaning. Their advanced design enables the operator to clean all the tubes in each bank without having to hand-wipe them individually. Easier, more frequent cleaning prevents excessive build-up on the magnets and ensures maximum separation efficiency.

With Eriez’ single-skinned tube design, iron is removed with a stainless steel split ring sandwiched between two floating wipers. As the individual banks cycle, tramp iron is stripped from the tubes outside the product zone. The tramp metal is then discharged through a small chute at the front of the housing.

These units, available with Rare Earth or ceramic magnetic tubes, are very effective in removing fine particle ferrous contamination (up to 1/2″ [13 mm]) from many dry free-flowing products under gravity flow. Eriez manufactures standard grate housings as well as custom designs to satisfy virtually any installation requirements. Optional features include adapters to transition product flow into the grate housing, additional magnet rows and vibrators to help products flow quickly through the grate housing.

Eriez Grates in Housing are part of the Eriez Europe Xpress programme, which has been designed to enable for faster processing of customer requirement. Through Eriez Xpress, orders received the same day by 11:00 am are processed and shipped within specific time requirement, subject to credit approval.

To learn more, go to http://eriez.com/Products/Index/Progradeeasytocleanxtremerareearthgratemagnetinhousing. From this page, visitors can download product literature.






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Application on grain 

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Grate in Housing open

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Grate in Housing closed

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